December 16, 2014,  TERRORISTS massacred 132 children  and 9 teachers  at the  Army Public School in Peshawar Pakistan.  It was a brutal attack on Education and Humanity by the Talibans. Pakistan is united today in standing up against both Terrorists and Talibans. We stand as ONE to protect our CHILDREN & TEACHERS from such attacks through education ensuring that every child and teacher can be safely in school and learning in Pakistan.  We are ALL #UpForSchool

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Dear friends,

December 16, 2014 was the darkest day in Pakistan’s history suffering from decades of terrorism; our entire society is under attack. Malala Yousafzai our Nobel Laureate stands as a tall leader for actions against terrorism; she grew taller as a survivor committed to Education for girls and for ALL children!

We have lost 148 extraordinary children and educators martyred point blank by the “TALIBANS”. Each one of the children, the Principal and teachers have become our national and global heroes – each one was special and so are the fortunate survivors.

. Let us form a circle of support for them and all who have survived violence against life and education and let us vow to be #UpForSchool.

Let us call upon ALL Leaders and Citizens of the world to say NO TO TERRORISM; let us STOP the politics of strategic depth that fuels and creates terror monsters to fuel the ideologies of brutality.

Join our campaign to honor the children and teachers of Peshawar who were martyred so blatantly. The #UpForSchool petition is backed by Gordon Brown UN Special Envoy on Education. Gordon Brown along with the Prime Minister of Pakistan will deliver this largest petition from Pakistan and other countries of the world to Mr. Ban Ki Moon UN Secretary General to show that we are ALL committed to a fundamental right that no Aggressor/TERRORIST can take away.

We seek every child out of school all 6 million of them at primary level and 25 million up to the age of 16 to have their fundamental right to education under Article 25 A of the constitution. The Government of Pakistan led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must double the education budget from 2% to 4% of GDP NOW so that Schools and institutions will deliver Quality and be Safe. Our children and youth cannot wait! We must stand together to demonstrate that the WORLD CARES for EDUCATION for all 58 million children who are out of school and those that are in school and under Attack!