Right to Education Pakistan  
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The EYA Campaign
The EYA program is a movement to build and strengthen the emerging youth by creating a network of 500 young people carefully selected to represent their country and campaign for education in their schools and communities for prompt action. Education Youth Ambassadors are young leaders with the interest, passion and dedication to be part of the global education solution.
What a Global Youth Ambassador is expected to do:
RTE EYA Mobilize and organize other young people to stand up for education- engage in education activism and transformation at local, provincial and national levels- evidence backed activism is highly desirable illustrating concrete change
RTE EYA Make their voices heard in their communities by organizing events, participating in campaigns, writing letters to the editor, running petition drives and taking part in other campaign activities.
RTE EYA Make their voices heard globally by writing blogs and news stories and sharing photographs and videos from events and projects for the global A World at School website and social media channels (which reach 50,000 to 100,000 people each week!).
RTE EYA Organize local/national education advocacy-related events and campaigns with their organizations and schools and/or in partnership with other A World at School Youth Ambassadors.
RTE EYA When possible, organize a coalition of like-minded youth groups for education.
RTE EYA Engage with their local stakeholders to achieve better results for education in their countries and communities -- in the policy, budget and other related processes.
Who can apply for a EYA Pakistan:
To become an A World at School Global Youth Ambassador in Pakistan, you need to meet a certain criteria as listed below:
RTE EYA You must be 16-29 years old.
RTE EYA You have access to the Internet at least 3-5 hours a week and skill to use social media.
RTE EYA You want to show leadership in your community or organization with a particular interest in education.
RTE EYA You must be ready to take action for education improvement and rights in your neighborhood, district and beyond which will be documented for evidence
RTE EYA You have a demonstrated interest and passion for education related issues. Experience in education advocacy programs and designing/managing campaigns/events for education will be highly preferred.
RTE EYA You can fluently communicate in Urdu/Local language and some English to remain connected Globally.  Knowing other local languages is a plus.
RTE EYA You have connections to a wide network of individuals – whether it be a school community, youth group, community or other network.
RTE EYA You are able to conduct yourself confidently backed by knowledge/capability
RTE EYA You clearly understand challenges of access, quality and equity in education in the context of Pakistan
RTE EYA You are sensitive to gender, ethnic and religious issues and are able to drive the campaign without offending anyone’s personal beliefs and/or traditions. Similarly, you should be able to campaign for all children and youth of Pakistan without any bias
RTE EYA You are always ready to speak up and take action for education in your community
RTE EYA You have no political interests or agendas while applying for a Global Youth Ambassador. This campaign supports no particular political party and is designed ONLY to propagate quality education and learning for ALL, equally.
What a Global Youth Ambassador receives:
The Youth Ambassadors receive the support needed to mobilize others for action. Including:
RTE EYA Access to global campaigning tool kits with information and assets needed to run events and mobilization campaigns in your community and online.
RTE EYA Access to private social networking groups to speak with like-minded young people from all over the globe to share best practices, challenges and ideas.
RTE EYA Invitations to participate in online forums and discussions with young people, including monthly A World at School hosted Google+ Hangouts.
RTE EYA Opportunity to be featured on the A World at School website.
RTE EYA Opportunity to be considered for participation at international conferences, seminars and other events.
RTE EYA Access to our campaign email list that will keep you updated with the latest information and news, resources, research and policy documents.
RTE EYA Mentoring and other support from A World at School Youth Team and partners.
RTE EYA The opportunity to work as ASER Associates for primary data collection across Pakistan.
RTE EYA Access to and information about upcoming conferences and seminars that they may attend to provide their inputs and learn about issues pertaining to access, quality and equity in education.
RTE EYA A special EYA T Shirt, Cap & ID Card with a unique ID number